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Bringing passion to work daily

This is the second of a two-part series honoring our nurses at ClaimLogiq. (Yes, we’re a tech company but nurses play a big role in what we do). Hear how their experience and passion make working with ClaimLogiq so valuable.

Senior IBill coordinator Patricia Wagner’s story is very personal, stemming from a loss on a special holiday:

“I graduated from St. Luke’s School of nursing in Bethlehem Pa. in 1971 – YES 1971. I am a proud diploma graduate. I became an RN because my grandmother died on Christmas day when I was 14 and while I was with her I felt very helpless.

“From then on I worked every Christmas holiday until my son was born. Nurses do not enter the field to get rich. We enter to help those who are in a fragile period and need someone to help them when they can’t. We advocate for the patient when needed and collaborate with the rest of the health staff to ease their pain.

“I started in the area of Obstetrics but then was drafted into Critical Care and loved it. I primarily was in the Open Heart/Cardiology area. Later when the age gap narrowed I got interested in the financial side of healthcare and for a time I had my own Consulting company. I love looking for the needle in the hay stack, which is what I do for ClaimLogiq. I love what I do.”

DRG Chart Auditor Sara Escobedo has nearly a decade in nursing. Like many of her colleagues, she entered nursing to help people. “There’s a lot of things nurses do behind the scenes that I don’t think a lot of people know about,” Escobedo said.

“We spend more time with patients than we do our own families.”

Deb Lewis is fairly new to ClaimLogiq but brings more than 35 years of nursing experience with her, specializing in cancer care. Her commitment is personal.

“I moved from the clinical side of nursing to medical record review because I was emotionally drained from cancer care,” Lewis said. “I lost my son in 1998 and was still reeling from that and working in an area where I knew every time the phone rang it was another patient with cancer facing the challenge of their lives became daunting and all consuming.”

Recovering from her son’s passing, she knew working as a quality analyst could make a big impact.

“Switching gears to work in an area that helps to reduce healthcare costs has been a life buoy for my career,” Lewis said.

“I’ve always guided myself on being a calming, healing presence in the midst of other people’s storms.”

ClaimLogiq’s team of nurses are there to team up with technology to smooth the waters of our clients and ultimately patients.