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How Data Privacy and Security Coexist with Our Cloud-Based Payment Integrity Solutions

Data privacy and security are upheld with the highest level of care at ClaimLogiq, which is why we seek the gold standard of data and information, safety, and security certifications – HITRUST CSF®. The importance of this certification is well known in the healthcare industry, and for Payers’ payment integrity programs, the benefits of and trust in the safety of this label has no equal.

“ClaimLogiq achieves HITRUST CSF Certification” – Read the Press Release

The reasons payers should partner with HITRUST CSF® Certified companies are apparent, and the benefits are measurable when it comes to the most sensitive data of insurers’ members and patients. For ClaimLogiq, these benefits ensure that every iteration of our healthcare software innovations and client partnerships for the purpose of payment integrity is protected and remains ahead of the curve and above industry standards.

But, how is it possible for the strictest of security standards to coexist with allowing Payer clients complete control over their solutions? Not to mention customizability, flexibility, and total transparency into every review at every stage?

Leveraging the guidelines and best principles from HITRUST only strengthens how we’re able to deliver our unique payment integrity solutions. Strict security standards can coexist with our market differentiators of transparency, control, customization, and flexibility, and they do! Let’s give a few examples of how we’re able to achieve this.

“Impressively, ClaimLogiq’s certification was achieved with zero corrective actions, clearly illustrating that the policies and procedures currently implemented, exceed industry standards. This accolade demonstrates that the company has met key, industry-defined requirements, takes the most proactive approach to data protection, and is adhering to the highest information security standards.”

Solution Infrastructure

It starts with a securely maintained and regularly tested infrastructure. Since our approach to data safety is methodical and multi-tiered, we take every precaution to make sure that client data stays in the hands of clients and no one else’s.

ClaimLogiq’s TrueCost software platform is hosted in a dedicated Microsoft Azure environment, which is secured from unauthorized access, data loss, malware and is hardened against security breaches. Our Data Management Layer blocks all access from the internet and is only accessible by authorized users through the VPN and remote desktop sessions with multi-factor authentication.

Our solution architecture also uses encryption to protect the confidentiality and integrity of remote access sessions to the internal network and to external systems. This means that, even if there were a breach, the data is indecipherable to the outside party.

The ClaimLogiq solution infrastructure securely designates how data is accessed within our software so that at every point, authorized access is granted if accessing systems meet the required protocol.

This feature is again enhanced by the next example, user-access levels that can be client-customized and controlled.

Client-Controlled User Access Levels

Clients can control the level of access each team member and outside party has. Since the platform is cloud-based, it is accessible from anywhere with user access encrypted and access-level determined by the customer.

Because of this, should a privacy or security threat arise, the affected information is limited to the level of access maintained by the affected user’s account, isolating the incident from compromising the entirety of the platform.

Client-controlled user access levels enable precise authorized access to segments of the payment integrity program workflow, which “locks down” areas to approved users only. This ensures that the right users have the right access to the client-customized and pre-designed user areas. User levels and access can be up or downgraded at any time in real-time to ensure that auditors and administrators have the correct level of transparency into each claim review for continuous maximum efficiency.

Isolated Client Environments

In order to offer our unparalleled TrueCost solution to revitalize all-size Payers’ claim audit workflows, it must do so without compromising the safety of individual clients’ data.

Each customer environment is isolated and protected using Azure Virtual Networks. Each virtual network is isolated from all other virtual networks and therefore prevents the co-mingling of client data.

Our solutions are customized to each client, which means it’s only sensible to make sure each and every client gets an individualized virtual network to ensure those solutions are best protected.

These dedicated environments enhance the capability of communications between audit silos. Information can be shared, collaboration can occur, and teams can cross-coordinate across different payment integrity programs without leaving the individualized client environment.

Because data is encrypted in transit and at rest, the transmission of information between teams at different areas of the workflow – such as provider relations, MDs, and QA – happens in real-time and securely, resulting in no interruption in any communications or productivity.

MDs can collaborate with analysts inside TrueCost in real-time to make faster clinical determinations that are instantly available to claim finalization teams, ensuring not only secure but accurate, with simultaneously rapid claim reviews.

Healthcare Payers need payment integrity vendors that can prove their commitment to data privacy and security.

Our commitment to data security and privacy, like our commitment to our customer service standards, is as much about excellence as it is staying ahead of curve and anticipating needs. Having operated in the healthcare payment integrity space since 2013, ClaimLogiq understands the agility and flexibility required to deliver next-generation healthcare software innovations. We also understand that these innovations must be simultaneously met with the most trusted security infrastructure and data integrity standards. Our HITRUST CSF® Certified status means that we both achieve and maintain this. HITRUST goes beyond our internal walls to those of our healthcare payer client needs whenever a ClaimLogiq solution is implemented.

Plans need to know that their data is safe, no matter where a claim reviewing platform is accessed. With ClaimLogiq’s cloud-based solutions, remote workforces or different departments can work together simultaneously with ease and reassurance that being cloud-based doesn’t sacrifice security whatsoever – but rather, in ClaimLogiq’s case, makes it safer.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” It’s just as true for healthcare claim data as for anything else. Data security is imperative, and in order to make sure best practices are taking place, Payers need to be convinced that their vendors are doing everything possible to prevent data loss from occurring in the first place.

With ClaimLogiq, Payers can rest assured – our software and systems are secure, and our team of experts is behind them, doubling that safety net.

Have specific questions about our HITRUST® Certification or other data privacy and security efforts? We welcome any questions –  reach out anytime.