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How Microsoft Gold Partner Certification Benefits Healthcare Software Innovation

At ClaimLogiq, we pride ourselves on the credibility of our data. The millions of dollars in charges that we save our clients mean nothing if they can’t trust our rationale or that the data is safe and secure. 

We’ve committed to making sure our platform and data can be relied upon by our clients by getting certified as a Microsoft Gold Partner with a Data Platform competency.  This certification adds to our suite of certifications, including HITRUST CSF certification.  These are critical to providing the highest level of secure infrastructure for our payment integrity solutions and our healthcare payer clients.


What it Means to be a Microsoft Gold Certified Data Platform 

Microsoft offers certifications based on specialty so that customers can seek out products and solutions that cater to what matters to them most. In our case, we are a Gold certified Data Platform, which highlights our platform’s quality of architecture, ability to customize and manage that data, and the usability of the platform. In Microsoft’s own words, this competency “enables customers to harness big data and analytics on-premises, in the cloud, and in hybrid environments.” 


3 Ways Microsoft Gold Certification Benefits Healthcare Software Innovation

The Microsoft Gold certification provides a clear pathway that can be leveraged to solidify our infrastructure and directly positively impact client data security and our payment integrity platform. Specifically, there are 3 ways that this data platform competency directly benefits our contribution to healthcare software and technology innovations.


We’re here for the payers that want to move their payment timelines far left towards real-time payments. Payers are embracing the digital atmosphere more and more in an effort to reduce friction over timelines and ultimately to achieve the highest level of member satisfaction.

Here at ClaimLogiq we are focused on continuous improvement, including intelligent automation, machine learning, faster turn-around-time, and agile technology that scales and grows with our customers’ needs. Transformation and evolution will extend and help optimize the payment integrity space. ClaimLogiq is enabling that growth with an ever stronger and more secure platform.

Microsoft Gold doubles down on our ability to transform payment integrity for all involved.



Our experts are constantly evaluating and testing the latest Microsoft Products, Solutions and recommendations for greater efficiency and scalabilityWe take full advantage of Microsoft’s suite of products, from our internal meetings and planning to working on and making full use of our product ourselves.  

Being up-to-date with Microsoft’s recommendations means that our solutions are secure built using recognized and accepted industry best practices employing multiple levels of security for increased resilience. Aside from our HITRUST certification and the security practices in place at ClaimLogiq, we uphold Microsoft’s rigorous security preferences to keep your health plan’s data safe and secure (and encrypted)!

With recent reports stating that cyberattacks on devices have surged by 300%, security and infrastructure requirements should be top of mind for all payers when engaging in vendor and business relationships. Microsoft Gold Certification is another affirmation of safety and security that clients can trust in when using our uniquely payer-facing and interactive cloud-based platform as SaaS, full-services or, as hybrid model for PI solutions.

Thanks to this, anyone adopting ClaimLogiq’s software and services in order to innovate their payment integrity practices can rest easy knowing that we actively implement our methodology by staying ahead of data security and framework standards.  This ensures the best, most reliable environment for our payer clients and their providers to conduct healthcare business with member safety and security at the top of mind.


We have structured ourselves to be agile, nimble, and dedicated, which is why the level of control, customization, and transparency is another hallmark of the ClaimLogiq experience. 

Clients have the ability to choose every team member’s level of access and user-specific functions in order to allow them to customize the platform to best suit their needs. In addition, ClaimLogiq’s software routes claims to specific team members based on preferences so that teams can work efficiently and effectively.

For far too long, payment integrity software solutions have been “payer-facing” but lacking transparency for those same payers. What’s the point of being payer-facing if you can’t see past the Black Box? At ClaimLogiq, we strive to be payer-interactive so that our clients can make use of our platform in all the ways they need to, and in turn, save everyone involved in the claims process time and money. That’s why clients can see and control every part of the claims process so that they know exactly what stage a claim is in, and who’s responsible for that part of the process.

This Data Platform competency proves not only that our software is up to the task to manage claims efficiently and accurately but also that our software is user-friendly and intuitive so that our clients can harness the power based on our years of expertise.

Microsoft Gold adds additional credibility to our client-trusted, certified solutions.

Being a proactive company focused on challenging the norm in a marketplace cluttered with vendors and solutions, it’s imperative that healthcare payers fully investigate innovative payment integrity solutions to ensure they uphold client-mandated and industry-standard security requirements.  After all, those should be one and the same.

Our Microsoft Gold certification proves that we’re putting trust first at the core of our values and within the core of our product. We’re building innovative and proactive solutions through better design that directly addresses the needs of our clients. We must weigh these against industry-standard and market tested best practices so that the breakthroughs maintain the high standards we demand of ourselves and healthcare clients demand of their business partners.

Healthcare innovations can’t go far if they’re not trusted. In order to take the payment integrity industry further, and in turn help improve the quality of healthcare for all, healthcare plans need to trust that the solutions they choose are reliable and up to the test. With the assurance that we are a Microsoft Gold Certified Data Platform, healthcare payers considering an innovative solution don’t have to second-guess their choice with ClaimLogiq.

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We’re ecstatic to have our software and services recognized as a Microsoft Gold Partner. Read our press release to learn more about this new certification.

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