How We Keep it Personal

At ClaimLogiq, we are a technology and software company focused on innovating the often-archaic methods of claim auditing. Payment integrity, in the past, has meant manually looking through a stack of paperwork to check thousands of lines of medical codes for errors.

We’re making claims logical through the use of technology. Our HITRUST CSF certified platform is able to find IBill errors in 20 minutes — compare that to the two-plus days that checking the stack of paperwork would take.

SaaS, or Software-as-a-Service companies are known for innovating and automating work that can solve all kinds of problems. But have you ever found yourself asking “Why can’t I just talk to a human!?” Sometimes, SaaS companies can solve one problem with technology, but unknowingly cause another due to lack of personalization and customization for the client.

At ClaimLogiq, however, personalization, customization, and excellent communication are some of our core values. Not only are they built into the foundation of our software, but we uphold them in our client relationships and our work every day.

As our tagline states, to us, it really is personal. But how do we prove it?

We strive to uphold excellent client care while utilizing software as a service. In this digital age, some digital companies lack the client communication required to build long-term trust in their company.

Here’s how we make sure that never happens.

We stay true to our roots.

Todd Hill, CEO, and Janene Hill, Executive Vice President, have been in the payment integrity industry since 2001, working personally with clients long before they founded ClaimLogiq. When they formed our HITRUST certified cloud-hosted claim auditing solution, TrueCost, it was to help claim payers of all sizes streamline and maintain control over the claim auditing process, to help them increase cost avoidance, save time, and reduce healthcare costs for all.

Privately owned, we’re laser-focused on our goals to decrease healthcare costs for all parties and improve the overall quality of the healthcare industry for all.

We know behind every complicated claim is someone who needs our help: payers without enough time or resources; patients with bills to pay and not enough funds to pay them. We want to help achieve highest possible payment integrity resulting in lower healthcare costs for all (payer, patient and provider). We’re making a difference, and we want to do it right.

We Offer Client Control, Complete Customizability and Total Transparency

Uniquely, we offer payers the ability to control the software platform and customize it specific to each payer and provider agreements. Our payer-facing claim auditing platform is accessible to payers at every stage of the lifecycle of a claim. View correspondence, control workflows, and understand in real-time the performance of each and every claim.  This shatters the old school ‘black box’ model of claim auditing.  Our software can produce repeatable accurate and consistent results through empowering clients with client-driven control, customizations to suit every need and, transparency over every step of the workflow. Allowing payers a tailored and hands-on solution to controlling outcomes provides us as a payment integrity solutions expert to leverage a business partnership for stronger results versus as just another bolt-on third-party vendor.

We offer SaaS, Service, or Hybrid models.

We let our clients choose how much or how little they want us to stay in the picture, and are there the moment they may change their mind.

As a software as a service (SaaS), our clients love that our technology solution is user-friendly, accessible to all parties, and fully customizable. However, that doesn’t mean we disappear. Our auditing team is available for clients who want help auditing their claims. Or, you can combine the two and have the best of both worlds.

We know that every payer is different, and that’s why we’re agile and able to customize our relationship with each and every client.

There’s a team of professionals ready for you when you need them.

Our mission is aided by technology – but not replaced by it. We’re human – in addition to our software, you’ll also get a whole team of people dedicated to your success, turning your challenges into our challenges.

If you decide our SaaS isn’t enough, you’ll have access to a whole team of people dedicated to your success, turning your challenges into our challenges.

And that’s what you get when you get ClaimLogiq: seasoned professionals with decades of experience, technological trailblazers who are eager and excited. Our experts have been brought together from across the Payment Integrity industry. They’re disruptors and creative thinkers by nature. You get an entire team of people in your corner—real people—who make your challenges, our challenges.

TrueCost™ is built to consider the complicated.

Our software was made with auditors in mind, and payment integrity specialists for every size healthcare payer.

User-friendly at every turn, TrueCost was built for ease of use — not to artificially replace our partnership or auditors. Better yet, TrueCost is made to assist, not replace or sweep your specific issues under the rug.

Our software is built to help you in the most logical ways possible — our rules engine, CORRE (ClaimLogiq Operational Rules and Routing Engine), allows for the smartest automation resulting in an optimal objective adjudication of claims at the fastest speed to payment as possible with accuracy and consistency. However, our platform isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution – it’s fully customizable so that if something doesn’t apply to you, or a rule isn’t working the way you need it to, you can change it.

There’s no excuse to not have a personable team available next to its software solution.

Technology, while often a lifesaver, can be overwhelming. When you don’t know how to get in touch with a support team, or the platform isn’t as intuitive as you expect, it’s a problem.

We built our software with quality and customer experience in mind. We’re standing beside it, ready to help guide you through it or take it over for you.

To us, helping every client and their specific team and needs make more sense of claims is the next step to overall goal to decrease healthcare costs for all. That’s why to us, it really is personal.


Find out what it’s like to work with a true business partner and not just another vendor.