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ClaimLogiq Announces New Vice President of Operations, Director of HR and Compliance

The company structural changes combine its 50% female-owned status with a 50% female-led organization.

Charleston, SC – ClaimLogiq, a healthcare payment integrity software and technology company, today announced the addition of Jenn Voss as Vice President of Operations and Krystal Vargha as Director of Human Resources and Compliance. These changes to the leadership team make the company a 50% female-led organization and are a result of the accelerated growth experienced by ClaimLogiq in 2020. ClaimLogiq continues to make strategic moves to scale the company and operations amid a heightened demand for their end-to-end payment integrity solutions uniquely offered to the healthcare payer market as SaaS, Services or Hybrid models.

Mrs. Voss and Mrs. Vargha, amongst others, join a leadership team under newly-hired Chief Operating Officer, Josh Burrus. Mr. Burrus is working to strengthen ClaimLogiq’s mission to deliver a proactive approach to payment integrity for all size healthcare payers and brings with him two decades of BPO experience with a focus on payment integrity in the healthcare space. Mr. Burrus’ career in the healthcare industry is well-suited to the trajectory of ClaimLogiq’s products and services as he is known for his expertise at building successful teams and programs ready for scalability.

Despite 2020 presenting challenges to many, ClaimLogiq has experienced no disruption in business and is thus maintaining year-end projections for triple-digit revenue growth alongside a record-setting year for software developments. This has paved the way for Mr. Burrus to strategically restructure the company talent landscape for continued explosive growth and tactical scalability. He comments, “We are at an exciting juncture in our company growth and I am honored to be in a position to bring immense talent to the team.” He continues, “The addition of subject matter experts such as Jenn Voss and the movement of already acquired talent such as Krystal Vargha to key positions within the company, adds the best possible quality to our internal infrastructure that will resonate in strength with our products and excellence in service we provide for our clients.”

As Vice President of Operations, Mrs. Voss will oversee the day-to-day workflows of processes and people and align that directly with company strategic goals to over-deliver on client expectations and meet objectives at above industry-standards. Her 17-year experience in the payment integrity field includes claim auditing at Connolly (now, Cotiviti) and following that, Optum – before joining ClaimLogiq. Voss has specific roots in data mining and over payment recoveries spanning both pre- and post-payment modalities and will leverage this focus to grow those product lines within ClaimLogiq. Her previous roles in operations with service-specific focus at the Director level, has the breadth and depth of experience to take on the fast-paced growth of operations at ClaimLogiq at the VP level. “I am beyond thrilled to be joining the team at ClaimLogiq and readily embrace their much-needed fresh perspective on disrupting the payment integrity space, that is already bringing next-generation solutions to their clients.” She continues, “I am excited to be hands-on in a leadership role with a department that is vital to the beating heart of any organization and at ClaimLogiq, a key component to our success with clients. I believe we are poised with strength, experience and fortitude in our values and that these are evident in the products and innovative solutions that we bring to the market empowering our clients to have the best possible outcomes, improving the healthcare industry as a whole.”

Joining the leadership team as newly appointed Director of Human Resources and Compliance is Krystal Vargha. She has spent her career in talent recruitment and development and is credited with building the future structure of human talent acquisition and retention at ClaimLogiq. Mrs. Vargha’s new role with the inclusion of compliance is “A perfect fit for her talents and attention to core values that drive ClaimLogiq’s people and product foundation. As we focus our attention to hire the best and the brightest in the payment integrity space, the privacy and compliance standards we uphold for our clients must be the same for those that are charged with delivering these day in and day out,” states Josh Burrus, ClaimLogiq COO. “It makes great sense to combine our people values and with our product values and more closely intertwine them as they really are, one and the same.” Mrs. Vargha adds by commenting, “I am excited to be in a transformative position within ClaimLogiq where I am empowered to simultaneously grow the number of people who are passionate about making claims logical and share our values of trust and transparency to reflect those in our technology offerings.” She continues “The addition of compliance to my role enhances our ability at ClaimLogiq to service our clients with quality as our first focus when it comes to upholding the strictest of compliance and privacy standards and retaining the right people who are charged with delivering those high standards.”

Voss and Vargha join Burrus, Chief Operations Officer, Justin Hudd, Chief Information Officer, Todd Hill, CEO, Janene Hill, Executive Vice President, Scott Strent, Senior Vice President of Sales and, Rebecca L. Price, Director of Marketing as the newly formed leadership team at ClaimLogiq, making the company 50% female-led. “I am enjoying this exciting growth period at ClaimLogiq and can clearly see the bright future ahead for our company and our clients under this extremely driven and passionate group of people.” states Todd Hill, ClaimLogiq CEO. “I know that the vision we have for our part in transforming the healthcare industry is in good hands as our bench is stacked with subject matter experts and leaders in their fields who are ready to execute our mission to deliver proactive payment integrity and a higher quality of healthcare for all.”

Founded by Todd and Janene Hill, ClaimLogiq has been in the business of challenging the norm and disrupting the healthcare space for nearly two decades. ClaimLogiq believes the “black box” model for payment integrity is no longer acceptable – sending claims out for audit and waiting on the results to be delivered after an unknown period of time, without control or insight into the process. As an industry disruptor, ClaimLogiq can offer software and technology with unparalleled accuracy and consistency, agile enough to adapt to each requirement of specific payer and provider agreements. The payer-facing claim-analyzing software provides real-time transparency into the status of each and every claim and empowers payers to adapt to a proactive approach to payment integrity through complete customizability and client-driven control over the software. The platform can be implemented as a SaaS, full-services or hybrid model giving clients the power to choose how their payment integrity goals are managed. ClaimLogiq’s HITRUST CSF® certified solution leverages automation, machine learning and collaboration to support payers’ payment integrity programs including Hospital DRG and Itemized Bill reviews, Facility and Professional claims, pre-pay or post-pay recovery programs and data mining. The software performs its extensive battery of claim selection rules and edits without interruption to payers’ adjudication throughput regardless of claim type or volumes. Moreover, TrueCost delivers its audit results with repeatable, predictable results, all of which is managed within a single platform providing industry-leading ROI, bar none.

About ClaimLogiq
ClaimLogiq® delivers an innovative and proactive approach to payer intelligence. The firm creates value and insights by enabling clients to solve complex healthcare challenges with data-driven and tech-enabled solutions. Built on a foundation of a proprietary HITRUST CSF® certified platform, clients are empowered to manage payer intelligence programs, including risk adjustment and payment integrity programs, focusing on clinical documentation yielding consistent results needed for data-driven decisions. For more information, visit www.claimlogiq.com or follow ClaimLogiq on LinkedIn.

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