Paperless technology = saving trees!

ClaimLogiq: Containing health care costs & saving trees daily

Sustainability is a daily commitment at ClaimLogiq, not just for a Friday in April dubbed as “Earth Day.”

ClaimLogiq is a technology company focused on making the medical billing process easier, more affordable and faster for health plans. We’re proud of our industry-leading technology that eliminates the need for cumbersome paper reviews.

Our Rapid Optical Character Reader (ROCR) is a smart optical scanner which can read and review any form of medical bill in lightning speed, converting it into a text searchable format.

Technology is saving paper, which means saving trees. We crunched the numbers and found some amazing stats, thanks to Andrea Solana, director of Business Intelligence – a fancy title meaning she’s amazing with numbers and saving money for our clients and ultimately, patients.

One tree makes around 8,333 pages of paper. By using optical technology, we don’t need to print complex medical bills and records. When you average out the lengthy bills, records and pages of paper, it means ClaimLogiq is saving around 2000 trees per year, based on digitizing around 4.5 million pages of paper per quarter.

When bills and records do need manual review (manual, you know, a human doing it) we still rely on our technology instead of paper.

Those sustainability numbers will only go up as ClaimLogiq continues to grow.

Remote first

ClaimLogiq is a remote first company, meaning we can hire the top talent from wherever their geographic location.

Relying on technology means we don’t need to have a big footprint, saving office space and resources. More people working remote means less cars on the road, emitting less pollution.

Our team works hard to save clients’ money and takes that sustainable approach to real life. Business analyst Brooke is sustainable by:

  • Using old grocery bags/canvas bags for grocery shopping
  • Instead of napkins/paper towels, I use cloth napkins and old t-shirts for rags/cleaning!
  • Recycle cans, glass, anything that I can
  • Growing my own veggies/herbs in my garden

Documentation specialist Shelby says, “I love that ClaimLogiq offers so many remote positions. I feel like that is huge on sustainability and being able to put more effort and time into our work being that we don’t have to rush out to beat traffic or pick up children before daycares close. Also, as a family, we choose paperless options and rely on as little plastic as possible. I also make a point to try to shop at farmers markets often and always have reusable bags.”

Documentation specialist Katelynn has some more ideas: “I have recently switched to all glass Tupperware instead of plastic! (Slowly getting rid of all the plastic in my kitchen). I have also switched to glass spray bottles for cleaning supplies, etc. Also, I get all my bills via email and not in the mail, so I don’t waste paper.”

At ClaimLogiq, efficiency is our business. We’re proud to have a team that puts efficiency into practice at home and on the job. Together we’re making our world a move sustainable place. Now that’s logical!