Itemized Bill Reviews

Completed in <15 Minutes


Streamline Itemized Bill Reviews

Our platform’s end-to-end review ecosystem allows payers to audit complex itemized bills in less than 15 minutes on average. By using intelligent automation, we’re enabling plans to handle a higher volume of claims in a fraction of the time without compromising the quality of results.




Average Savings
Per Claim


Minute Average
Review Time

Increase Savings
& Revenue

Group 422

Our platform delivers 15% in savings on average per claim and has the flexibility for integration into current processes, allowing for seamless implementation without slowing down timelines.

Move Post-Pay
to Pre-Pay

Group 440

Enable your team to move to pre-pay by streamlining the overall review process. Our technology gets decisions out the door in seconds, moving you closer to auto-adjudication of itemized bills.

Avoid Late Fees
& Penalties

Group 441

You’ll never have to worry about missed review windows or late fees issued by providers. We’re not only allowing you to quickly complete reviews, but we’re also sending payments out the door in minutes.

Speed Up Payment

Group 443

Our Platform determines pay/pend in under 400 milliseconds, automated line-by-line-item denials and provider-specific rules are applied in seconds and full results are returned in less than 15 minutes.

End-to-End Review Solution

With pre-pay and post-pay Itemized Bill Reviews completed in minutes, payers can deliver payments to providers faster, complete more reviews in less time and strengthen the integrity of their health plan.

Powering the <15 Minute Review


Analyze itemized bill review documents using automated and adjustable workflow rules, produces pay/pend results and routes to the appropriate party in under 400 milliseconds.

Check thousands of data points in seconds to collect claim details from disparate sources and import normalized data as machine-readable text.

An end-to-end review solution that takes claims from document upload to finalized review in under 15 minutes.

Pay/Pend response delivered to providers with full transparency to payers every step of the way.


See How We Saved 33% On A Million Dollar Claim In Just Nine Minutes

Not all claims take a full 15 minutes, and a large billed amount
doesn’t have to mean longer turn around times

Group 152

Saas, Services, Hybrid


Using ClaimLogiq’s cloud-based software platform, payers can complete high-dollar claim reviews in a matter of minutes.

Group 443

Accurate and Consistent


Lightning fast speed to payment with zero compromise in accuracy and consistency. Produce predictable, repeatable results at scale.

Group 444

Simple, Fast, & Paid


Our Platform’s easy to use UI and enhanced UX makes hospital bills simplified for more claim reviews in less time.

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